Terms & Conditions

Definitions or Interpretations
“Contractor” means the Company whose name appears on this quotation which has been accepted by the Principal

“Principal” means the person named in this tender and includes his executors, administrators, successors and assigns

“Works” means the work to be executed in accordance with the tender

General Trading Terms & Conditions
1. The “Contractor” has at his own expense adequate insurance cover for “Public Liability” and all types of contracting work

2. The “Contractor” shall not at any time be liable for upgrading or relocating of existing services

3. The “Principal” is responsible for providing complete free and easy access into the working area of the job for materials etc

4. Notwithstanding any/all of the preceding conditions, all quotations are valid for a maximum of 3 months after which time a new tender will be submitted but the “Contractor” to the “Principal”. However, the “Contractor” reserves the right to render the tender null and void at any time

5. The tender is made on the assumption that normal ground bearing conditions pertain. Any additional requirements of the Local Authority not shown on the plans or mentioned in the specification, which results in further costs to the “Contractor”, shall give the “Contractor” the right to charge the “Principal” for such further costs.

6. The “Contractor” shall not at any time be liable for any instructions given by the “Principal” to the “Contractor” that may contravene the requirements of the Local Authority

7. The “Contractor” shall not at any time be liable for damages to footpaths, crossovers, kerbing, water pipes, stormwater drains, property or any other services that may be located in the area on the premise whilst completing the job

8. In the event of works covered by this quotation being damaged or destroyed by any cause not the direct fault of the “Contractor” then any additional cost and expense incurred as a result of such damage or destruction shall be chargeable to the “Principal” and shall be recoverable as monies due hereunder

9. Precautions will be taken but the “Contractor” to minimise cracking of the concrete. Should any cracking of the concrete occur the “Contractor” shall not the held responsible

10. No guarantee of exact colour matching or adjacent concrete slabs or of colour samples by either the “Principal” or the “Contractor” can be given by the “Contractor”

11. From time to time, the “Contractor” may run incentive campaigns to draw new business and or acceptance to quotes. Each clause is to be determined by the “Contractor” and is not limited to the below
a. The period & length of the campaign of when it will be made available
b. The item/s that will be chosen to offer to new clients
c. The item up for offer, but not limited to, could be anything materialistic or a special added bonus to your job

12. The “Contractor” will offer an inclusion as part of all accepted quotes, glow stones. However this inclusion is at the discretion of the “Contractor”. Each job will be reviewed by its own merits with the final decision being made by the “Contractor” as to the amount and best suited location if they are to be included.

13. All materials and equipment on site which form an integral part of the contract shall remain the property, and shall be in the exclusive possession of the “Contractor” until payment in full for the quotation has been made

14. The remaining balance, which equates to 90% of the overall total unless otherwise stated, to be paid to the “Contractor” upon completion of the job

15. The “Principal” is aware that it is their responsibility to keep treated areas free of grit to minimise wear of sealer. It is also recommended that sealer be re-applied periodically

16. The “Contractor” offers a 5 year adhesion guarantee for the service provided of Re-Pave. However the guarantee is only applicable if the supplied concrete was poured by a reputable and approved concrete patch plant that meets the approved Australian Standards, as well as the area having been re-sealed in that time with a compatible sealer. If the “Principal” was to dispute our quality of the Re-pave service, a Proof of purchase will need to be sighted by the “Contractor” for any guarantees to be reviewed.

17. It is at the discretion of the “Contractor” to carry out the necessary diligence through investigation, source and use the sealer of choice and if necessary to change in the event better products become available. Under no circumstance does the “Contractor” guarantee the life expectancy of the sealer that is applied.

18. Whilst every effort is made by the “Contractor”, the end result might vary slightly from samples or display jobs

19. The “Contractor” shall take it for granted that these terms and conditions have been read, understood and agreed to, whether or not the acceptance form has been signed or a deposit paid

I/We the “Principal”, have read and understood all the above terms and conditions.

Feel free to contact us for further queries.

10% deposit to be paid prior to commencement of the job