Liquid Limestone

Do you want an alternative to paving, Liquid Limestone is what you are looking for…

Liquid limestone- Taylor Made Concrete & Coatings provides quality finished Liquid Limestone in Mandurah and surrounding areas as a preferred alternative to paving.
Liquid Limestone

Liquid Limestone is a beautiful product that gives a superior sophisticated look and finish especially surrounding a pool. We also recommend Liquid Limestone for driveways and alfresco areas but can be used anywhere especially if you are looking for an alternative to paving.
Liquid Limestone is a crushed limestone that is usually mixed with cement & serves as a best alternative for concretes & paving these days. It is comes in very attractive ranges with lots of benefits for your Driveways,Alfresco, Patios, Pool and Spa, Interior floors, Crossovers and more.

Benefits of Liquid Limestone:

Liquid Limestone can provide you lots of benefits like,

  • keeps your concrete cool in summer.A great consideration if you have a young family
  • Easy maintenance.
  • No weeds can grow as there are no cracks
  • Easier to adhere to water restrictions.
  • A natural looking finish to enhance your property.
  • Helps add value to your property

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