Stencilled & Stamped


Stencilled & Stamped Concrete

Stencilled and Stamped Concreting are designed to imitate slate, stone paving, and even timber decking and can be used for outdoor areas like patios & driveways. The end result could look like the London Cobblestone or even Bush Rock.

Both varieties are available in a variety of colours and patterns with many to choose from. The integration of multiple patterns over a huge area can achieve a very unique and attractive look. Apart from a regular clean, Stamped concrete looks very impressive but does require resealing after the first year and every two to three years thereafter.
stencilled & stamped concrete

The durability of these products is very good. Stamped concrete holds up well to extreme weather conditions, however Stencilled concrete can give you the look you after, but it may not endure as long as the Stamped concrete.

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