Exposed Aggregate


Thinking of a modernized housing with luxurious flooring??!!! But, afraid over the expenses for those concreting services??!!! Don’t worry…..
We at “Taylor Made Concrete & Coating Services” offer you with royal varieties of exposed concrete services at affordable prices with on-time quality finishes.We offer many other types of concreting services-along with Exposed Aggregate…

…, & much more

Why choose Exposed Aggregate?

Exposed Aggregate provides a textured long lasting finish. A fantastic looking product that offers more durability than any decorative style available, making it a personal favorite of mine. With no end to the combinations you can create using different oxides and various size stones the possibilities are endless. A Concreter’s dream with its beautiful finish, wide variety and bullet proof strength.

Exposed Aggregate variety…

Using different colored sands, stones, cements and oxides the choices are only limited by your imagination. For your consideration, we have a wide range of pre-determined mixes available that are tried and proven to last in jobs all over Mandurah and surrounding areas.

Glow in the dark stones can be seeded into exposed aggregate to produce a stunning effect at night. Great for pool surrounds, paths etc. I have yet to meet a customer that doesn’t love them.
For a softer surface on the feet smaller stones are recommended like Pea Gravel. This eliminates the sharpness often felt with the larger stones and is also cooler than some of the other products. Our ‘Thevenard’ display is an example of this, great for driveways, patios and pool surrounds where the sun mostly penetrates the surface.

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